Istanbul Commerce University
The University is in the center of Istanbul, which is one of the worl capitals of culture . Campuses are located in Kucukyali and Sutluce on the shore of Golden Horn, the historical peninsula in the midst of historical locations, almost beside the commercial centers. With six faculties, Graduate Schools of: Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Finance and Foreign Trade and English Preparation school, Istanbul Commerce University has an important place in the academic world with national and international activities held each year, with its academic studies as well as its publications.
Istanbul Aydın University
To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward world class basic, applied and interdisciplinary research and proficiency in professions that accelerates the transformation of information into product with an infrastructure keeping up to date technologically that is required for education, training and researches at the top level. To prepare students as competent individuals in their professions for an environment with global competition and cultural differences through taking into account their individual differences by creating a campus with the physical conditions that contain different cultures and international elements.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University (FSMVU) is a newly established higher education institute whose goal is to be at the forefront of Turkish higher education and research. The university is subsidized by a very special charity (waqf), the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Charity which was founded in 1470 to facilitate education and continues to serve this goal for over five centuries. FSMVU emerged from the historical waqf tradition which played an influential role in the scientific, civic, and cultural life throughout Ottoman history. Being privileged to have its origins in the centuries old civic and academic heritage, FSMVU strives to carry on this tradition by combining traditional education with contemporary knowledge.
Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is committed to shaping virtuous leaders of the highest calibre and skill who embrace the values of our civilization, and are dedicated to pursuing scientific inquiry, serving humanity and its future. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University strives to be a leading international research university recognized for its academic excellence, pioneering publications, distinguished graduates and advanced infrastructure, while ranked among the top five-non profit Waqf universities in Turkey.
Üsküdar University
To be a University contributing in the socio-economic and cultural structure of the country, providing educational and research facilities at the international level, especially in the fields of science, health, tourism, history and cultural resource management. To consider a natural, cultural, economic and social requirements and possess an important position in our country; to be a pioneering and model university contributing to urban and regional development through high-quality and high-tech educational, training, research and application programs.
Altınbaş University
Founded under the name “Istanbul Kemerburgaz University” by Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation in 2008, the university proceeds on its way towards the future after its name was changed to “Altınbaş University” in 2017. Altınbaş University have 9 undergraduate schools, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational schools as of the academic year 2017-2018, Altınbaş University is currently offering 30 bachelor’s degree programmes, 34 associate’s degree programmes, 28 master’s degree programmes and 6 PhD programmes. As part of its goal to become a hub of international scientific research and activities, more than 3 thousand out of ten thousand students admitted to Altınbaş University are from 88 different countries of the world.
OSTİM Technical University
OSTİM Technical University has set itself the vision of being the "university of industry". In strong cooperation with business, industry and society; the university of industry covers; • Providing education, research and application infrastructure and facilities in accordance with international standards to its students, especially in the fields of design and training with latest manufacturing systems and innovative technologies, • Having the knowledge and equipment required by the competitive business world; A graduate having values as self-confidence, completed self improvement, experience, innovative, entrepreneurial, high cultural awareness and embracing human values. • Playing an active role to increase science and technology development competency of our country, • Taking the responsibility for the development of our region and our country by producing original projects and solutions,